Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cafe Mediterranean: Kebab Platter

After our taste of Greek food, I became more curious about Mediterranean flavors. This brought us to Cafe Mediterranean.

There was this bright blue tile design on the tables.

Wanting to try many things at a time, we ordered a Kebab Platter. Three types of dips, four types of meat, and six pieces of pita bread arrived at our table.

First, the dips:
Moutabal (left)
An unexpected favorite among the three, this is made of eggplant and tahini (paste/sauce made of sesame). I don't usually eat eggplant but the combination of this vegetable and sesame is great. It has a hint of sweetness to it.

Tzatziki (top-middle)
Made of cucumber, yogurt, and garlic, this one has a milder, cooler taste compared to the other dips.

Hummus (right)
This chickpea dip has a strong taste.

Now the meats:

This tasted the most Middle-Eastern to me, especially if you try to pair it with the hummus. These are meatballs made of lamb meat and beef.


Thick chunks of tender chicken. The flavor is not really that strong, which is okay since I think it is just the right amount of flavor.


Some were parts tender, some were parts chewy.


The fish itself was kind of ordinary. The spices and herbs made the taste a little different.

All three of us were full after eating the platter.  Next time, I better leave some space to try out their desserts.

Branch visited located at: Ground Floor, Entertainment mall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay

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