Monday, June 26, 2017

Pizza Warehouse: Buy 1 Take 1 Cheese Pizza

I recently discovered buy 1 take 1 coupons in an app. It was pretty interesting since this offers a 50% off on a specific men item for participating restaurants. First off, we tried Pizza Warehouse in Glorietta. For 99 pesos, we got to 2 huge slice of classic cheese pizza. One was already requested for take out.

You get a cheese pizza, that's it. No other toppings. The cheese wasn't overflowing, it's just the right amount. The flavor wasn't strong either. It's a good deal for the buy 1 take 1 promo. But of you are looking for more savory, tangy, and loaded pizzas, you might want to order something else. Their menu also offers calzone, pasta, and chicken.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

BLK 513: Love it at its Darkest

Sweet and healthy is becoming a thing nowadays and the activated charcoal infused yogurt rides the trend.

The black yogurt caught my curiousity the first time I saw their stall at Megamall. It was a day before their opening so I wasn't able to try it then.

Several months later, we went to BLK 513 on their opening day at S'Maison and got coupons for a free treat since we were part of the first 100 customers.

Dark Skim Cup

Black version of yogurt. Activated charcoal doesn't really have a flavor. It's a bit more sour compared to the one served in Llao llao, another yogurt place in MOA. The concept is similar to other yogurt places. You get to choose fruits, crunchies, chocolates and syrup as toppings. Actually the overall taste and health value depends on your toppings so choose wisely. I liked this better than the other option below.

Super Skim Cup

Imagine DQ but healthier. Maybe it was just because of the smores toppings I chose, but I found this yogurt too sweet with no hint of sourness. I had some bitter coffee afterwards to neutralize the sweetness. It would be good for those who want a healthier (mind your toppings) cold dessert option without losing the taste of sugar. Also there's no charcoal in this one so it really resembles a Blizzard with healthier toppings - if you chose the fruits and grains.

Price is quite high for a yogurt cup but the size is good enough for two. Or you can have one all for yourself if you are feeling extra special or having a bad day.

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Tony Roma's: Back-to-back Ribs

Thanks to a discount voucher, we were able to score buy 1 take 1 full rack ribs with a side of coleslaw, and a choice of corn, rice, or fries.

Ribs were tender in general and easy to separate from the bone. Most of the flavor was on the bbq sauce.

The fries were salted just right. Some even had some sort of flavor perhaps from the juices of the ribs.

To refresh the pallette, take a bite from the coleslaw.

For the ambiance, the store's entrance downstairs had a more bar-like feel with all the dim lights and the actual bar being downatairs. It's also a bit cramped up down there. But upstairs is where groups can dine together with a more sunny ambience a a little view of the shopping complex.

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