Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mati's Meat and Bread: Burger and Pasta

On the same day we ate at Feta Mediterranean, we also tried out Mati's. We also purchased an online discount voucher for this.

Salmon Pasta

There was a certain quality in the pasta that made us eat it even if we were still quite full. Maybe it was the garlic and the bell peppers. Pasta was al dente even though more pieces of salmon would have made it more awesome.


Since we were still full from our trip from Feta, we just tasted the burger a bit and had it for take out.  We ate the fries which had a smokey taste to it.

The location was really nice with a view overlooking the river park. It's nice to stroll around here after a satisfying meal.

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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Feta Mediterranean: Gyros and Yogurt Shakes

We purchased a discount coupon that gave us a whopping 60% off. We just paid Php 200 for food that is worth Php 500! And this meal left us very very full.

Food tripping with my cousin, we went to Festival Mall in Alabang on a hot weekend noon. When we finally reached our destination, we first ordered a yogurt shake each and then thought of our own orders.

Yogurt Shake

We had an option to have this sweet or salty. Both of us chose sweet and we were glad that we did because the sourness of the yogurt mixed well with the sweetness thst they added in. I can't imagine what it would taste if it was salty. It was served in a big mug and I guess it contributed to making us full easily.

Pita Gyros Roll

There was a little open prep area where you can actually see the pita or bread prepared or heated. I think I even saw dough so it means that the breads are freshly baked. The Pita Gyros Roll was already cut in half so we took a piece each. This was simple in terms of flavor whihc makes it an easy canvass for adjustment of flavor using the yogurt sauce or the spicy sauce on the table. The pita was a little stretchy and chewy, the way I like it.

Keftedes (meatball) Sandwich

The bread here was a bit on the tougher and heavier side. The meatballs was more flavorfull than the meat in the gyro. It was a mix of saltiness with a bit of sourness.

I think we spent a little over Php500 but it was still a good amount of savings. It was just a little far from where we live.

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Monday, June 6, 2016

Kimukatsu: Katsu with Layers of Flavor

Some time last December, we dined at Kimukatsu. They serve layered tonkatsu with different varieties. We also had an online discount voucher for this.

Pretty interiors. We went on a weekday so the place was not that full. Only 2 other groups were dining.

The Set Meal
Each set meal includes unlimited rice, cabbage salad, soup, pickled vegetables, and tea. The cabbage was served in a single bowl.

The rice was in a single wooden container which had the katakana characters spelling out ki-mu-ka-tsu. We each had our own bowl of soup and saucer of pickles.

Condiments were readily available on each table

 The white miso soup option was mild in taste.

The red miso soup option had a more prominent flavor.

The Katsu
The katsu were already cut when it arrived on our table together with the set meal.


The creamy cheese oozes from the slice. The cheese was not strong in taste, just a gentle creaminess to match the crispy coating.

Yuzu Kosho

The layering is more evident in this one. It was a little sour coming from the yuzu.

We finished two whole servings of rice and 2 and a half servings of the cabbage., and half of the sesame dressing.

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