Thursday, March 17, 2016

McDonald's:National Breakfast Day 2016

Mcdo celebrated the importance of breakfast at this year's National Breakfast Day last March 14, 2016. And what better way to celebrate than free McMuffins!!

This year, free McMuffins were given to those who lined up between 6pm to 7pm. Drive thru cars included. I got to experience this event for the first time.

We arrived at Mcdonald's Blue Bay Walk at around 6:10 am, and we were already handed coupons #78 and #79.

Just ten minutes just passed after starting time and 77 other people already got their coupon!

The line starts outside and they let in ten people at a time when the lines shorten.

It was around 6:20 when we got inside and got our McMuffins.

Then just as when we got our goodies, a celebrity couple appeared from the other side of the counter!

From the famous loveteam Aldub, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza greeted everyone with a "Best Monday Ever"!!

Now to the muffins:

One of us got a Sausage McMuffin while I got an Egg McMuffin.

We halved the muffins and got a taste of both. We prefer the Egg McMuffin since the sausage version seemed a little salty for our taste. The Egg McMuffin had an egg and a slice of ham. A Sausage Egg McMuffin, the one with both a sausage and an egg, would have fit the bill perfectly since the egg would balance out the saltiness. But it was not in free McMuffin options.

Free McMuffins and a bonus celebrity sighting - best Monday ever!

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Friday, March 11, 2016

Beni's Falafel: A Vegetarian Option

Beni's Falafel has been in Mall of Asia for a few months now. Finally, I get to try this restaurant when my friend suggested to have her birthday treat here.

Big Hummus with Falafel

Five falafel balls, two pieces of pita, and one serving of big hummus, are all served in this one order.

I liked that the hummus had a milder garlic taste compared to other versions in other places I tried before.

Of course we had to try the falafel. It is in the restaurant's name afterall. It was crunchy outside, and colored green inside - proof of the vegetables in this healthier alternative to meatballs. Eat it with pita bread and hummus for a meal. You can also drizzle some dressing. Some people might be a little off with the color green and brown for food ( I was too), but the crunchy exterior and different texture made me want to eat more of this.

Tea with honey lemon and ginger

Since I had a feeling that I was going to have colds, I ordered a hot relaxing tea.

Maybe we could try their meats for our next visit.

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Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Food Club: Birthday Promo and Discount

Celebrated my Mom's birthday at The Food Club buffet last month. We availed their birthday promo, which is the same as other buffet places - just bring one full paying adult and the birthday celebrant gets to eat for free on the exact date of her birthday. Since we were three people, one of us decided to get an online voucher to get a discounted rate. So in all, our party was composed of one full paying adult, one free (birthday promo), and one who used the coupon. Good thing they allow the usage of a coupon and birthday promo on the same transaction.

Writing about buffets is both easy and hard. Easy - because you can write about a lot of food. Hard - because you have a lot of food to write about.

We arrived about an hour past their starting lunch time so many stations needed to be refilled already. It was a weekday lunch so the place was not that packed.

Let me show you what we had...

Salmon Sashimi

The slices were a bit smaller than other buffets so I got this whole plate for sharing. They didn't have tuna sashimi but they had a variety of rolls to choose from but I wasn't able to take a photo of it.


I filled our bowl with little shrimps, fish, slices of pork, mushroom, and broccoli. No noodles for me to maximize the stomach space. There was only one type of broth but you can customize with the garlic, ginger and other seasoning that goes in it. The server at the station was the one who cooked it and it was delivered to our table. We shared this bowl.

Roast Belly

For the carving station, they only had one meat that day which was the roast belly. There was an electric fryer in front where the chef adds slices per customer's request to add doneness to the meat or reheat it. Two sauces were available - mushroom sauce and red wine sauce. We shared this too.

Assorted Plate 1

This is my viand tasting plate. Pardon my messy plating. This mostly had Asian food like tempura, stir fry shrimp, pork adobo, pork asado, some shrimps from a veggie dish, and toasted salted peanuts.

Assorted Plate 2

This is not my plate nor a shared plate but I asked permission to take a photo of if since it shows other food that I didn't get and it looked pretty. This had pasta, corn, green veggies, and some meat. Go, grow, and glow foods well represented on this photo.

Steamed Shrimp

There was a station where you can have shrimp or salmon cooked, so we ordered steamed shrimp. It took some time before this arrived on our table.


Before dessert, I always try to visit the salad station. My salad had toasted bacon. I also got an egg from the other station nearby. The egg was probably soaked in soy for that saltier taste and brown color


Mini cakes

Here are the mini cakes we got. A chocolate mousse, mini strawberry, and mini red velvet. Okay, I just named them according to what they tasted. I didn't get to check the labels.

Ice cream

Chocolate, Mocha, and Coffee flavors were available. The half-scoops formed a brown monotone on my ice cream bowl so I added some toppings. They also had orange flavor, but I figured it might be a candy orange flavor which I might not like.


I guess I overdid the toppings on this one. This is a mango filled crepe with half scoop of chocolate ice cream, chocolate drizzle, chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, sprinkles, and crushed Oreos.

Their selection had variety since it had Asian and Western food - tempura, shabu shabu, sushi, meats, pasta, dessert, etc. There were still some stations/food that we didn't get to try like the halo-halo, other Pinoy desserts like kakanin, nachos/tacos, dimsum, and other viands.

Compared to a popular buffet chain, this had less choices. I was looking for frozen yogurt, more meat at the carving station like steak or turkey, and more salad customization options. But this has a more affordable rate than that particular popular buffet chain.

The venue had high ceilings and glass windows which gave a good vibe to the place. The tables were arranged a bit too close to each other, though. But the place was not packed when we ate there so it was okay.

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