Sunday, May 7, 2017

Kumori: Fluffy Buns and Tasty Pastries

Kumori, cloud in Japanese, describes the fluffiness of their bread. It is a Japanese bakery which had a stall in SM Makati. We had a few of their items for lunch. Yes, dessert first before main dish. You can never go wrong with bread and pastries.

Matcha Bun (Php 50)

In terms of taste, this is my favorite among the three. Slightly bitter matcha filling, cream filling, and soft bun balance each other to form a semi-sweet snack. I would go back to get more of these.

Green Apple Bun (Php 45)

Best in terms of aesthetic, this bun mimicked an apple - from the layer of green coating, a pretzel stick for a stem, and Kumori label for a leaf. Inside was cooked sweet apples similar to what you find in an apple pie.

Melon Bread (Php 45)

There's no melon in this bread :( . I bought this one since it reminded me of the melon bread in an anime (Yakitate Japan) which was filled with melon. I guess they only named it that way because of the melon pattern form the crumble on top of the bun. It was simple, highlighting the softness of the bun and the texture of the crumble topping.

Krone (Php 35)

Custard filling is piped into one of these crispy pastry tunnels upon order. My friend ordered this one and was consumed right on the spot. I'm guessing it tasted good.

On my next visit, I might also try their cheesecakes which received good reviews. As for the pricing, I think it is quite similar with other bakeries like Bread Talk or French Baker. I hope there is a branch closer to our place so that I can sample all of their buns and pastries.

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