Sunday, May 22, 2016

Magnum Infinity

Last week, Magnum gave away free samples of their new Magnum Infinity variants! Chocolate caramel and chocolate raspberry were the options. I chose the Chocolate Raspberry. Sweet with a little fruity sourness seems like a good idea.

Thick dark chocolate with mounds of cocoa (I think) coats the ice cream bar. Inside, there is a layer of chocolate ice cream and raspberry ice cream. I did not see raspberry syrup swirls unlike the photos on advertisements, but there is a refreshing combination of the not so sweet chocolate and the hint of sourness from the raspberry. If you are up for more sweetness, maybe the chocolate caramel variant is for you.

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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Auntie Anne's: Red Velvet Almond

It has been a while since I ordered from Auntie Anne's. And when I did order, I tried Red Almond pretzel nuggets.

We waited for a little while for our pretzel nuggets (fresh!). The pretzel itself was indeed red from the red velvet dough, but not too sweet. The almond crumble was the "almond" part. You can easily finish a regular serving in one sitting since it is a little addicting. I just wish there was more almond crumble on all of the nugget pieces.

P.S. There was a pretzel shaped light above us as we ate.

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Sensei Sushi

Sensei Sushi is one of the sushi / maki places I would love to go back to. A couple of months ago, my cousin and I decided to eat at this restaurant located at BF Homes Paranaque.

We ordered three items from the menu which was enough to fill up two people.

Tuna and Crispy Scallop Dyanamite

The play on textures of rice, tuna, and fried scallop is addicting. The contrast of colors of the green plate and dominantly orange sushi is pleasing to the eye.

Crispy Philly

With a little bit of western influence, this crispy maki combines salmon and cream cheese into fried sushi rolls.

Ebi Tempura

The size of the tempura was indeed prawn-size, not just shrimp-size. Both the breading and seafood was generous.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

McDo: Matcha McFlurry

Very hot weather calls for cool desserts. McDonalds released their dessert line inspired by Angry Birds characters. And they finally have something that is matcha flavored, inspired by the green piggies of the popular game turned into a movie.

You can see the usual sweet ice cream of McDo with Oreo bits. The green specs constitute the matcha flavor of the dessert. It is like a matcha shell coating that was blended into the ice cream. Also like the chocolate counterpart of the shell syrup, the matcha bits are solid until you eat it up and melt in your mouth.

This is definitely cool and sweet like the usual ice cream of McDonalds. But does not have an earthy taste that you get in other matcha or green tea ice cream. It is more like an Oreo McFlurry with matcha bits.

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