Monday, June 26, 2017

Pizza Warehouse: Buy 1 Take 1 Cheese Pizza

I recently discovered buy 1 take 1 coupons in an app. It was pretty interesting since this offers a 50% off on a specific men item for participating restaurants. First off, we tried Pizza Warehouse in Glorietta. For 99 pesos, we got to 2 huge slice of classic cheese pizza. One was already requested for take out.

You get a cheese pizza, that's it. No other toppings. The cheese wasn't overflowing, it's just the right amount. The flavor wasn't strong either. It's a good deal for the buy 1 take 1 promo. But of you are looking for more savory, tangy, and loaded pizzas, you might want to order something else. Their menu also offers calzone, pasta, and chicken.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

BLK 513: Love it at its Darkest

Sweet and healthy is becoming a thing nowadays and the activated charcoal infused yogurt rides the trend.

The black yogurt caught my curiousity the first time I saw their stall at Megamall. It was a day before their opening so I wasn't able to try it then.

Several months later, we went to BLK 513 on their opening day at S'Maison and got coupons for a free treat since we were part of the first 100 customers.

Dark Skim Cup

Black version of yogurt. Activated charcoal doesn't really have a flavor. It's a bit more sour compared to the one served in Llao llao, another yogurt place in MOA. The concept is similar to other yogurt places. You get to choose fruits, crunchies, chocolates and syrup as toppings. Actually the overall taste and health value depends on your toppings so choose wisely. I liked this better than the other option below.

Super Skim Cup

Imagine DQ but healthier. Maybe it was just because of the smores toppings I chose, but I found this yogurt too sweet with no hint of sourness. I had some bitter coffee afterwards to neutralize the sweetness. It would be good for those who want a healthier (mind your toppings) cold dessert option without losing the taste of sugar. Also there's no charcoal in this one so it really resembles a Blizzard with healthier toppings - if you chose the fruits and grains.

Price is quite high for a yogurt cup but the size is good enough for two. Or you can have one all for yourself if you are feeling extra special or having a bad day.

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Tony Roma's: Back-to-back Ribs

Thanks to a discount voucher, we were able to score buy 1 take 1 full rack ribs with a side of coleslaw, and a choice of corn, rice, or fries.

Ribs were tender in general and easy to separate from the bone. Most of the flavor was on the bbq sauce.

The fries were salted just right. Some even had some sort of flavor perhaps from the juices of the ribs.

To refresh the pallette, take a bite from the coleslaw.

For the ambiance, the store's entrance downstairs had a more bar-like feel with all the dim lights and the actual bar being downatairs. It's also a bit cramped up down there. But upstairs is where groups can dine together with a more sunny ambience a a little view of the shopping complex.

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Kumori: Fluffy Buns and Tasty Pastries

Kumori, cloud in Japanese, describes the fluffiness of their bread. It is a Japanese bakery which had a stall in SM Makati. We had a few of their items for lunch. Yes, dessert first before main dish. You can never go wrong with bread and pastries.

Matcha Bun (Php 50)

In terms of taste, this is my favorite among the three. Slightly bitter matcha filling, cream filling, and soft bun balance each other to form a semi-sweet snack. I would go back to get more of these.

Green Apple Bun (Php 45)

Best in terms of aesthetic, this bun mimicked an apple - from the layer of green coating, a pretzel stick for a stem, and Kumori label for a leaf. Inside was cooked sweet apples similar to what you find in an apple pie.

Melon Bread (Php 45)

There's no melon in this bread :( . I bought this one since it reminded me of the melon bread in an anime (Yakitate Japan) which was filled with melon. I guess they only named it that way because of the melon pattern form the crumble on top of the bun. It was simple, highlighting the softness of the bun and the texture of the crumble topping.

Krone (Php 35)

Custard filling is piped into one of these crispy pastry tunnels upon order. My friend ordered this one and was consumed right on the spot. I'm guessing it tasted good.

On my next visit, I might also try their cheesecakes which received good reviews. As for the pricing, I think it is quite similar with other bakeries like Bread Talk or French Baker. I hope there is a branch closer to our place so that I can sample all of their buns and pastries.

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Golden King Restaurant Buffet

Buffets are now all everywhere. We decided to try this Chinese-Japanese buffet with an online discount voucher.

Since we arrived around an hour after opening time, food on display was already depleted.

Of course there was maki, though fillings were not that varied.

The Chinese buffet staple, pancit and yangchow were available. You can also get some veggies and other ready to eat viands including chunks of crab.

A grill was available per table but it's not the smokeless type you see in other more popular buffet chains. There were bacon wrapped veggies, some meat, and chicken slices.

For dessert, I tried some of the jelly mixes they offered. I also made an ice-less halo halo.

With the discounted price, the food and overall experience was worth it. There are limited choices but you get what you pay for. As for the service, the vegetables took quite sometime to be refilled.

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Saturday, April 8, 2017


Hungry for a Mexican fix, we found ourselves snacking on a burrito and a taco at Mexicali, Glorietta.

Chicken chunks, tomatoes, cheese, and rice all wrapped into one heavy snack (or meal). The meat did not really have that strong taste of Mexican spices but it was okay for me since I prefer a milder flavor. It also came with a side of a few nachos.

Generously topped with cheese, the taco also came with 3 dips and pita bread. I just hope the dips were refillable like another Mexican food place we went to.

This is good place to fill yourself up before or after a day of shopping.

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Morelli's Gelato

Just perfect for the hot hot weather. We already said good bye to the cold breeze so here we are looking for a substitute.

We got online discount vouchers to try out the gelato concoctions of Morelli's. Served in uniquely shaped glassware, you can admire and enjoy the gelato at the same time.

I got an Almond Amaretto which had a scoop of coffee, vanilla, and hazelnut gelato. It came with a small shot of warm amaretto liquor. The sweetness of the gelato complemented bitterness of the liquor. This was more evident with the sweet hazelnut gelato.

My friend got a special offer gelato sundae where you get to choose two gelato flavors, and a crunchy topping. The dark chocolate was the bitter chocolate we expected it to be. I forgot the other flavor's name but it had fruity sour flavors. reminiscent of summer fruit drinks.

Warning: Some, if not most, of their sundaes are good for sharing (three scoops and above). Unless you are like us who have a special stomach reserved for desserts, we suggest you share an order with someone.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

XO 46 Heritage Bistro: Pinoy Food and Hospitality

Looking around the newest retail area in MOA Complex, we spotted a Filipino restaurant with great interiors and an awesome "uniform" for their servers.

It's not actually a uniform but a full Filipiniana complete with a headdress. And mind you, they speak eloquently in Tagalog, capturing the natural rhythm of the language. We felt an air of hospitality while asking one of their personnel about the menu.

After ordering, we were given some mini puto and conrnick to munch on. The puto came with two types of butter - the regular, and the one with aligue.

For the soup, we had Suam na Mais. This is a light soup with corn kernels and crab meat. The soup serving a big but I wish there were more corn and crab meat.

The Garlic Sotanghon was indeed garlicky. The noodles itself had flavor. It could use a bit more toppings though.

I liked how the lumpia was crunchy and flavorful. It is even enhanced when you dip it in the vinegar mixture.

Complementary Choc-Nut was given as a mini dessert to close the meal.

Price is a quite expensive for the serving size but service is commendable.

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