Friday, June 26, 2015

Up Rice: Rice Toppings and More

A good time to try out new food places is when there are discounts offered. We bought online discount vouchers to try out Up Rice. This place opens as early as 5:30 AM and closes around 1:00AM the next day which makes it a place to get breakfast, lunch, and (late) dinner. But it is closed in the afternoon around merienda time.

House Corned Beef

Looking at this made me feel like I am starting a new day even if it is already lunch time. The meat and runny sunny side up egg characterized the usual breakfast. Salty-sweet, their house corned beef is generally tender and easy to take apart. Although I am not a fan of the tougher parts of the meat/tendons. Crunchy shoestring potatoes were served on the side. The potatoes can also be ordered separately.

Sausage and Red Pesto

A good thing about this was it was generously showered with parmesan cheese. Sun-dried tomatoes made up the red pesto sauce that coated the al dente pasta. It was not really a saucy pasta. The sausages provided the protein and were just okay.


Meringue that looks like a churro on top of a brazo de mercedes cupcake spells a sweet dessert. I loved the meringue. The brazo part was really sweet (a bit too sweet for me) and sticky which made it quite difficult to eat if you were trying to bite into it like a cupcake.

Dark Chocolate Brownie

Oh no, the ice cream melted already. We should have had the desserts served after we ate the main dishes. The brownie itself was soft, chewy, and chocolate-y.

Branch visited located at: Two E-com, MOA Complex, Pasay City

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