Thursday, April 30, 2015

Backlog Post: Green Pastures

Off to the healthier side, we went for something organic and headed to Green Pastures at Shagri-la East wing.

Stracciatella Cheese was first on the food list. Being a cheese lover, I liked this immediately. It was made of buffalo milk and indeed tasted fresh. It was also served with arugula and toasted bread.

Their sliders set was a sampler of three burgers: 80/20 Burger, Blue Ribbon Burger, and Vegetarian Burger That Doesn’t Suck (yes, that is the name).

True to its name, the vegetarian burger really tasted good! The patty was made of organic vegetables. Too bad we only ordered a sampler with slider-sized patties. I wanted more.

As for the two meat burgers, I preferred the 80/20 Burger over the Blue Ribbon Burger perhaps because I am not much of a fan of blue cheese.

The 80/20 burger had 80% wagyu beef, and 20% pancetta, topped with stracciatella cheese (fan of this cheese now) while the blue ribbon burger was made of Wagyu shortrib, chuck, and brisket, topped with blue cheese.

The Miso Tapuy Glazed Lapu Lapu was a slab of tender fish on a bed of asparagus. Sweet-saltiness of miso glaze paired well with the seafood. And the seafood itself was of good quality, “hindi malansa”. Sauce was also served at the side for added flavor if desired. The buckwheat noodles provided carbohydrates and made the dish a complete meal.

I chose Milk Eggs Honey as dessert because I was curious at what honeycomb tastes like. I first tasted each component that provided distinct flavors. The lemon curd was generally sour with hints of sweet but it was not like some lemon sauces that just tasted like melted citrus candy. The greek yogurt was smooth and a good contrast to the texture of the honeycomb. The honeycomb tasted like sugar in a chewable form. I tried eating the honeycomb on its own, sipping out the sweetness, then what was left was something dried and tasteless. I then learned that it was better to chew the whole thing and not sip out the sugary goodness. When I ate the components together, along with the almond slivers toppings, it was a carnival of textures and flavors. Sweet, sour, smooth, something with a bite.

Branch visited located at: Edsa Shangri-la East Wing, Ortigas Center

*This is a backlog post. Actual food expedition was made a few months before publishing of this post.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Backlog post: Bar Dolci @ 50% off

It was sometime last year when Bar Dolci opened their new branch at Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of their opening month, they offered 50% off! I'm not sure if it was only applicable to the gelato or to all menu items. Of course we didn't let this pass by.

We ordered three small cups with two different flavors each.

French Vanilla and White Chocolate Wasabi

It may not be noticeable at first but this cup has two different flavors - one is a classic and another has a wasabi heat that reaches up to your nose. It's a game of "guess what flavor is on what side of the white ice cream".

Milky Cookies and Ferrero

Here we have another cup with similar colored flavors but this time it's with chocolate based flavors. The one on the upper right half is the Milky Cookies. I love how the chocolate cookie chunks add texture and bite to the ice cream. The other one on the lower left half is the Ferrero which really tasted like the ice cream version of the famous chocolate.

Rum Raisin and Hazelnut

We can sort of distinguish the colors of the ice cream now. The beige-y brown on the left is Rum and Raisin which taste reminds me of fruit cake. The Hazelnut ice cream on the right had real hazelnuts in it too.

A week after, we visited again and had these servings of gelato and sorbet. I can't recall the names of these flavors but it still looks very yummy...

Would like to try more of their gelato including the Tequilla Rose. According to the person at the store, it runs out of stock really quickly.

Branch visited located at: Blue Bay Walk, Pasay City

Friday, April 17, 2015

Village Tavern: Celebrate with Burger, Pizza and Ribs

Have you tried a Black Pizza? And have some burger and ribs too.

Off to celebrate something special, we went to Village Tavern at Bonifacio High Street. This was a perfect time to use our 40% off coupon for any Bistro group restaurant (Italiannis, Fridays, etc) which includes Village Tavern.

We arrived before noon for an early lunch. One side of the wall, the one beside the couches, features a mural. The other side features wine display and the bar.

Cowboy burger and Black Pizza arrived first.

I’m intrigued at how the Black Pizza would taste like. It is a thin crust pizza with chewy edges and with squid ink infused in its dough. I did not taste the squid ink in the crust though. Or maybe I am just not familiar with it. The more dominant flavor is the cheese which I liked. Other toppings include onions, bell peppers, mushroom, pork, and pepperoni.

The Cowboy Burger has a thick patty with pure beef goodness. It is the cheese and sauce gives the cowboy burger a Mexican taste. The bacon added saltiness to the mix. This is what I liked best among the dishes we ordered.
We ordered this with sweet potato fries instead of ordinary potato fries. The sour taste of the dip went well with the natural sweetness of the fries.

The Pan Seared Lapu-lapu and Texas Ribs arrived next. It is seldom that I see a lapu-lapu dish in a restaurant’s seafood menu nowadays since the fish commonly used in fillet or other dishes is cream dory. A slice of lapu-lapu sat on a bed of potato wedges. Potato wedges serves as the carbohydrates of this dish. The saltiness of the sauce complements the fish and potatoes but is quite salty for me to eat on its own.

The Texas Ribs had a good amount of meat and a little fat on it. It has just the right amount of sweet BBQ flavor.

A Previous visit:

We visited this place some time last year and we had this dish with wonderful slices of tender pork and mushroom gravy.

While this one is the lime flavored dessert we had that time.

Branch visited located at: Bonifacio High Street, Taguig

Monday, April 13, 2015

Backlog Post: Paul Boulangerie and Patisserie

With different colors and shapes, their display of pastries first caught my attention. When we were choosing what to order, we found out that the menu items are written in their French names with descriptions written in English. 

Of course we just had to order pastries.

Millefeuille Fraises

Tartelette Multifruits

My choice of pastries shows that strawberry is one of my favorite fruits. The millefeuille has layers of thin pastry and cream. The tart was sweeter than the millefeuille due to the white custard/cream underneath the fruits. That Paul label is actually chocolate which tasted good.

This place does not only offer pastries but also serves other meal items the sandwiches, salads, and meat. Here are the ones we had:

Soup du jour

Soup of the day was tomato soup. I appreciate the design but I didn't get to try much of this one.

Saute de poulet aux champignons

The dip was really flavorful and creamy. There are roasted chicken chunks and mushrooms at every scoop. The bread was crunchy and paired well with the dip.

Cuisse de poulet rotie

My fellow gastronomer ordered this which was roasted chicken leg and thigh served with a side salad.

Club poulet

Chicken club sandwich topped with greens was the order of another gastronomer.

*This is a backlog post. Actual food expedition was made a few months prior to publishing of this post.

Branch visited located at: SM Aura, Taguig