Friday, April 29, 2016

Fiorgellato: For the Gelato Weather

This Fiorgellato branch at Pasay opened around a month ago and this is exactly what I need in this hot weather.

We ordered a double scoop of the following:

Straciatella (Choco Chips) had a buttery vanilla base and chocolate chips mixed into the ice cream.

Doppio Cioccolato (Double Chocolate) was ordered by my friend and from the lloks of it, she liked this one.

...and 5 scoops on a waffle cone

Yam (Ube) - personally not a fan of ube flavors (except for ube hopia) but the group liked it
Cappuccino - a bit of coffee flavor to wake us up
Menta (Mint) - I have always liked mint flavors although this one is a bit borderline on the toothpaste kind of mint
Mango - the crowd favorite, a refreshing fruit flavor
Raspberry - the scoop is hidden underneath the others. I chose this flavor but the others did not like it very much because of the hint of sourness(which is fine with me)

This ice cream was really affordable - just Php 35 for the double scoops! Although the flavors were a little common and the ice cream did not really have the texture of a gelato, it is worth the price and again, perfect to cool off the hot weather.

We also has a Margherita Pizza to balance off the sweetness with a little saltiness.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

World Street Food Congress 2016: Jamboree

The Jamboree is where all the food will be, and there is no entrance fee!

This year's World Street Food Congress is held at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig, Philippines. Today, April 20, is the first day of the 5-day event which features not only food, but also talks from food experts.

We headed over to the Jamboree where all the food stalls were gathered. Most of the food originated from Asia but there were also a few from America. Of course, the Philippines was well represented by a whole row of stalls!

In general, they had a system where per stall someone is assigned to get your order and give you an "order slip" for it. Then another person is assigned to collect your payment. Lastly, someone hands over your order. Some stalls also offer takeout in plastic cases.

A few minutes after opening time, there were already lines which only got longer and longer. We were able to try 5 stalls.

Bali BBQ Ribs: Warung Sunset, Indonesia

For me, this has the best value for money. At Php300, you get 5 pieces of meaty ribs. It has a hint of sweetness and spiciness different from the usual Western BBQ.

Martabak Makobar: Martabak Makobar, Indonesia

Dessert is also represented in this jamboree. This "dessert pizza" has a bibingka-pancake-like dough that was chewy in the middle and crispy on the edges. One order had 4 slices which equates to 4 different toppings. Mine had Cadbury, Kitkat, Matcha Kitkat, and Strawberry Pocky. This was then drizzled with condensed milk for a finishing touch.

Banh Xeo: BánhCăn 38, Vietnam

The mini clay pots and pans caught my attention. There were 2 "cooking stationns", one for the Ban Can and another for the Ban Xeo (crispy seafood pancake). You can choose between spicy sauce or peanut sauce for this one.

Triple Sauce Seafood Tempura: Keng Eng Kee, Singapore

This is recommended by many online sites. In one order, you can get squid rings, crispy shrimp, and crispy softshell crab plus three dips which were chili crab, black pepper and salted egg yolk sauces. The crunch combined with the three sauces identify this street food item.

Hoy Tord: NCC Catering, Thailand

The lines already got long around this time. I'm guessing office workers around the area were making a visit. This seafood omelet has a good amount of oysters in it with matching spicy sauce.

The stage is set and for tonight, Up Dharma Down is scheduled to perform.

This event is until Sunday so you still have 4 more days! Just some notes: the place can get quite cramped and hot, the lines can get very long, and the price is a little high for some items. But you will be able to try street food from different countries without having to travel far and get the hawker center vibe while you are at it. Also, maybe more seats / areas to eat would help :)

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Starbucks: Roasted Marshmallow S'mores

A sweet summer treat from Starbucks, the limited edition Roasted Marshmallow S'mores will give you a cool sugar rush (with a splash of caffeine). They also offer a Summer Berry Panna Cotta for an option with a fruity flair.

Up top, zoom in on the graham cracker crumble and more marshmallow whipped cream

Then down below, here's a close up on the marshmallow infused whipped cream and the thick chocolate sauce. It certainly got sweeter towards the end of the drink.

Also happened to stumble upon a quote on the wall while waiting for my order.

To further celebrate summer, they also have summer themed rewards cards! Already thinking about getting one...

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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hattendo: Chilled Cream Buns

A few months back, Hattendo had a promo on their cream buns: 150 for two buns of any flavor. I got 2 of my favorite azuki red bean, a piece of matcha, and another piece for chocolate.

Azuki Red Bean

This is my favorite among the three flavors I tried. Flavored chilled cream plus actual azuki beans add texture to the filling. I also don't see a lot of azuki flavored desserts around the country so I consider this a little different from the usual dessert offered by other stores.


It's actually not sweet, but not too strong on the tea taste either. Of course it was still creamy. Perfect for those who prefer the less sweet desserts.


A classic flavor, chocolate always fulfills my comfort food needs. It was like having the goodness of a fresh milk chocolate shake in cream form within a soft bun.

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