Saturday, February 11, 2017

Sebastian's Limited Edition Valentine's Ice Cream 2017

While everyone else is posting about #Feb-ibig, here I am writing my first post for the year and it's about #Feb-kain.

Sebastian's is at it again with the limited edition flavors. This year we were able to taste all the four Valentine's flavors.

They now offer half scoop options for two to four flavor combinations per cup so you can try out more of their quirky flavors. We got two flavors per cup to share.

Let's start with these two Valentine's flavors.

Unresolved Issues
"Sa umpisa parang wala lang. Pero bitter talaga. As expected."

We got what we expected from this. Its was cold, hardly noticeable at first. But then came the bitterness. It really is. See the little candied ampalaya bits over there? That's where the unique (or weirdly cool) combo kicks in. I guess it's the same from the previous versions. Just like how the same issues keep repeating itself over and over again, leaving it unresolved every time.

"'Yung Closure masarap isabay sa Unresolved Issues"

This one has a hint of sourness from the lime and passion fruit, with calming flavor from the black tea. Just like how some sour memories exist but you already got yourself back up and things are finally just a memory now. It's not sweet, and there are no strong flavors, but it's something mellow that you can enjoy.

Moving on the original duo.

Matinong Girlfriend
“Cheesy, pero hahanaphanapin mo”

There is something addicting to this cheese ice cream. Salty and tart. The cheesiness is more alike to a bag of chips rather than the currently available quezo real variants of ice cream. Not really excited about the semi-soggy Cheetos bits, but it did give a little texture to the ice cream.

Matinong Boyfriend
“Gusto ko siya. Pero naaalala ko pa rin yung pinaka unang Matinong Boyfriend”

It's recommended for the dark chocolate lovers out there. This features an earthy deep chocolate ice cream with ribbons of raspberry sorbet for contrast of sourness and color. Don’t expect a milk chocolate sweetness to this flavor. There's no candy flavor to this either. All serious and not playing around.

I am a self confessed dark chocolate fan, and I like this ice cream that does not leave a throat itching sweetness. But somehow I still remember the very first version of Matinong Boyfriend, the one with Passion Fruit Sansrival Ice Cream. Maybe it's just that thing about first love.

Just an observation, there is no flavor which features sweetness as its main factor. Just proves that love isn’t all about the sugar.

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