Saturday, April 8, 2017


Hungry for a Mexican fix, we found ourselves snacking on a burrito and a taco at Mexicali, Glorietta.

Chicken chunks, tomatoes, cheese, and rice all wrapped into one heavy snack (or meal). The meat did not really have that strong taste of Mexican spices but it was okay for me since I prefer a milder flavor. It also came with a side of a few nachos.

Generously topped with cheese, the taco also came with 3 dips and pita bread. I just hope the dips were refillable like another Mexican food place we went to.

This is good place to fill yourself up before or after a day of shopping.

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Morelli's Gelato

Just perfect for the hot hot weather. We already said good bye to the cold breeze so here we are looking for a substitute.

We got online discount vouchers to try out the gelato concoctions of Morelli's. Served in uniquely shaped glassware, you can admire and enjoy the gelato at the same time.

I got an Almond Amaretto which had a scoop of coffee, vanilla, and hazelnut gelato. It came with a small shot of warm amaretto liquor. The sweetness of the gelato complemented bitterness of the liquor. This was more evident with the sweet hazelnut gelato.

My friend got a special offer gelato sundae where you get to choose two gelato flavors, and a crunchy topping. The dark chocolate was the bitter chocolate we expected it to be. I forgot the other flavor's name but it had fruity sour flavors. reminiscent of summer fruit drinks.

Warning: Some, if not most, of their sundaes are good for sharing (three scoops and above). Unless you are like us who have a special stomach reserved for desserts, we suggest you share an order with someone.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

XO 46 Heritage Bistro: Pinoy Food and Hospitality

Looking around the newest retail area in MOA Complex, we spotted a Filipino restaurant with great interiors and an awesome "uniform" for their servers.

It's not actually a uniform but a full Filipiniana complete with a headdress. And mind you, they speak eloquently in Tagalog, capturing the natural rhythm of the language. We felt an air of hospitality while asking one of their personnel about the menu.

After ordering, we were given some mini puto and conrnick to munch on. The puto came with two types of butter - the regular, and the one with aligue.

For the soup, we had Suam na Mais. This is a light soup with corn kernels and crab meat. The soup serving a big but I wish there were more corn and crab meat.

The Garlic Sotanghon was indeed garlicky. The noodles itself had flavor. It could use a bit more toppings though.

I liked how the lumpia was crunchy and flavorful. It is even enhanced when you dip it in the vinegar mixture.

Complementary Choc-Nut was given as a mini dessert to close the meal.

Price is a quite expensive for the serving size but service is commendable.

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