Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cafe Mary Grace: Mango Bene

Cake has always been present in our family’s birthday celebrations. For the first celebrant of the year, we bought something from Cafe Mary Grace, the Mango Bene.

Take a glimpse of the cake inside the box.

Now inside…

…just look at those mangoes on top of the cream – fully covered with mangoes.

We have been craving for a good mango cake and Mango Bene was the answer. “Bene” means “good” in Italian

Alternating layers of mangoes, cream, and meringue. Yes, there are mangoes inside the cake as well. The layering made the texture interesting. There were different kinds of sweetness as well. Sugary meringue, fluffy cream, fruity taste from the mangoes equals satisfied cake lovers.

Let's have another look at that cake…

Happy Birthday, indeed.

Branch visited located at: Mall of Asia, Pasay City

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