Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hong Kong Trip 2016 Series: Philippine Airlines Economy Meals

Taking food trips to another level - literally miles above the ground! This blog entry starts the Hong Kong Trip 2016 series. We had this trip around mid-August when we visited Hong Kong Disneyland. Food at the theme park will be posted too, so stay tuned.

Full rice meals were served by Philippine Airlines for a flight to Manila to Hong Kong. With their tagline "Heart of the Filipino", I guess they also embody the appetite of the Filipino for rice! I noticed that the foreigners on board weren't that keen on finishing their plates, while most of the Filipinos consumed the full meal for breakfast.

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet

For the Manila to Hong Kong trip, I had sweet and sour fish with a side of vegetables. Bread and butter was also available. For my drink, I had orange juice and coffee. I took a piece of beef tapa, the other option, from my companion. It was a little chewy. I prefer the fish dish over the beef. A very filling breakfast indeed, miles and miles above the ground.

Fish Fillet with Lemon Sauce

Another fish meal for me for the trip back to Manila also served as my dinner. A side of carrots and greens, and an apple pie for dessert was included. Apple juice was my drink this time. I didn't know that the sauce that came with the fillet was lemon sauce, and I'm not a fan of it. I got a taste of the beef with oyster sauce from my companion. This time the beef was tender and tasty. I kind of preferred the beef this time. I still finished the fish fillet and just left out some of the sauce.

The flight was really quick at 1 hour and 45 minutes, although there was a bit of a delay due to bad weather on the flight back to Manila.

Mainly the flight is composed of just taking off, eating the meal, landing. I didn't need any entertainment system for the short flight, the full meal was enough to keep me busy. And now for any international flight, I will be checking if they have full rice meals included in the airfare/package.

Cheers and have a safe flight!

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Botejyu: Premium Moonlight Okonomiyaki

New restaurant alert! Botejyu at SM MOA offers okonomiyaki, okosoba, ramen, takoyaki, and donburi. For today, my friend and I had one of must-try dishes - the Premium Moonlight Okonomiyaki.

Food is prepared freshly in an open kitchen. We waited for around fifteen minutes for our order. House tea wasn't available though.

Premium Moonlight Okonomiyaki (Php 360)

Our main dish was served on a sizzling plate to keep it warm whereas other restaurants have a teppan installed per table. But the taste is notable! It was really packed with pork, squid, plump shrimp, and I guess there was some kind of ginger in there. The two of us had a filling lunch with this! And the egg on top is a runny egg. Watch us slice the okonomiyaki and release the runny yolk at a video in our Instagram account: @thegastronomersdiary.

Another thing I liked about it was it wasn't too salty nor savory. You can adjust the taste by adding more bonito flakes, nori, and special soy sauce which was readily available on the table. I particularly like the semi-spicy sauce. It's not the chili type of spice, rather it has a hint of wasabi, the type that of spice that you feel through your nose.

Matcha Ice Cream (Php 80)

As for dessert, we had a rich creamy scoop of matcha ice cream. It doesn't have a strong green tea flavor, but it wasn't too sweet either. What we loved about it was its creaminess. P.S., the nori flakes on the side isn't exactly meant to be sprinkles, but well, you can try.

Going to try the okosoba and ramen next time!

For another okonomiyaki place in the MOA area, check out this restaurant

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

7 -Eleven: Slurpee Donuts

Well, with cakes being turned into drinks (red velvet shake, and other cake-shakes), why not turn drinks into baked goodies? Hence, we have Slurpee doughnuts brought to us by 7-Eleven.

Raspberry (Php 25)

Pretty sparkly sprinkles! These weren't really sweet. The cream gluing it to the dough isn't that sweet as well. It was actually quite bitter, probably imitating a cherry taste. This one was really interesting to look at. But I'd rather just look at it next time. The sparkles were really eye-catching though.

Peach (Php 25)

For me this was better in terms of taste. It had a faint orange taste. A simple layer of this orange glaze gave it flavor which was similar to the fruit flavored cereal I had as a kid. I guess the base of the doughnut is the same as the other one. Their toppings differentiate them from each other.

It was an interesting pair of doughnuts but I'd stick to my regular sprinkled or chocolate ones for now.

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