Sunday, May 10, 2015

Potts Point: Mother's Day 2015 - Australian Organic Lunch

--------- Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!! ---------

Potts Point has recently opened a branch in Mall of Asia. What's good about their food is that it is organic. What's better is that we got online discount coupons (again) that gave us 40% discount. Yay! Just in time for an advanced Mother's Day celebration. We had our lunch here the day before Mother's day.

Organic Roasted Chicken Fillet with Salsa Verde, Mango Cream, Garlic Yoghurt Sauce, and Quinoa-Red Rice Salad
I liked the way they presented this with the sauces forming patterns on the side.

This one is perfect for rice-people who want a healthier alternative. A little salty outside tender and simple inside.

Australian Grass-fed All Beef Burger with Australian Cheddar, Pickled Beets, Olive Oil Aioli and House-made Brioche Bun with Baked Sweet Potato Wedges

The patty was made of pure beef, a little crumbly in texture, but juicy and tender. The patty itself was a little salty compared to other burgers where the saltiness comes from the sauces and other burger toppings (like the Cowboy burger of Village Tavern where its saltiness comes from the bacon topping). Pickled beets, cheese, lettuce filled up this burger. You could also add an organic egg if you want for additional Php30. It comes with sweet potato fries generously sprinkled with Parmesan cheese on top.

Baked Prawn Thermidore Shepherd's Pie with Garden Salad
A thin layer of cheese covered the prawn pieces resting on top of mashed potato at the base of the "pie". This was a little spicy. It also came with a salad and 2 pieces of bread. It had two of my favorite food items - prawns and cheese.

You get cheese, prawns, potatoes, and spice with almost every mouthful.

Old Fashioned Grass-Fed Meatloaf - for sharing
Another pretty sauce pattern.

For more beef, we had meatloaf for sharing. We were hesitant at first to order meatloaf. But we were glad we did. The sauce was what I liked most about this dish. Sweet, just the right sweetness. The loaf itself was tender and the mashed potato was lightly seasoned.

Branch visited located at: 2nd flr, Veranda, Entertainment Mall, Mall of Asia, Pasay City

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