Friday, October 9, 2015

Jang Ga Nae: Korean Birthday Lunch

Celebrating my cousin's birthday lunch! With her being a fan of Korean drama and variety shows, we went to Jang Ga Nae for lunch. The funny thing is we kind of got lost along the way (wrong location in tagged in Google maps and we did not take note of the house number :( ). The good thing is we found it.

It's sign says "Jang Ga Rae", but the name that lined the windows and the online sources say "Jang Ga Nae". I'll go with the latter. The place may seem a little smaller outside compared to the other Korean restaurants lined up on the street, but the interior is actually quite bigger (compared to one Korean restaurant on the same street). We arrived a little past lunch time so it was not crowded anymore.


They have a lot of free appetizers which are refillable. The photo above also features the bibimbap.


Vegetables plus egg plus sticky rice, it's already a complete meal by itself. I like that the spicy sauce is separated so you could control the amount of heat as you want.

Gal Bi Tang - Beef Rib Soup

There are big servings of beef rib with matching ligaments and tendons. This could actually serve more than two people. We chose a soup that is not spicy. The taste is quite similar to nilaga.

Sam Kyup Sal - Grilled Pork Belly

Since we only ordered one order from the grill, we did not get to experience cooking on our table. The pork belly was served on a hot plate instead.

My cousin oriented me on how to eat (and prepare) this one. Get a piece of lettuce, get a slice of pork and dip it in the sauces, get some vegetables, wrap the lettuce up and eat the whole wrap.

We were so full that we were not able to ask for refills on the appetizer. There were many options on the menu and the menu cover was actually quite pretty.

Branch visited located at: Aguirre Ave, BF Homes, ParaƱaque City

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